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SoluPet has a pet supplement that is proven to halt dementias like Canine Cognitive Dysfunction in companion animals.

Our mission:

Give your pet more good years.


Our product is proven across a detailed 10-year testing history to halt neurodegeneration like Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD).

Our ground-breaking product is proven effective in successive animal trials and is unique in holding FDA GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) certification. SoluPet will be the safest and most effective option on the market. 

A focus on safety and efficacy will drive the research and development of new products tailored to specific age-related conditions for the veterinary channel. These innovative compounds will be best-in-class. 


Our Novel 

Platform Solution

Our product is based on a sophisticated platform science that forms stable, fully water soluble noncovalent, nano-scale complexes.


The catalyst is the measured nano-micellar capability that allows our product to pass through the blood-brain barrier, allowing it to be effectively absorbed. There are over 30 published studies supporting the efficacy of this product for dementia in animals.

Of these pet owners are searching for solutions through online and other sources.


35% of the 90M dogs in the US have dementia or CCD.


of pet owners already administer supplements for CCD to their pets.



We’re built to help pet owners worried about their pet’s cognitive decline. We have proven science in a compelling, easy to administer, affordable, and tolerable product.

We will increase awareness and lift the health literacy of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction to help pet owners understand symptoms and how to seek medical support from veterinarian health care providers so they can have more good years with their pet.

We will enhance the understanding of dog ageing by providing funding and research with the Dog Aging Project. This Project conducts rigorous scientific research designed to define, explain, and ameliorate the effects of ageing in pets. 

Dog Aging Project - Canine Cognition


We’re business leaders and an international team of academics and clinicians in companion animal neurology, nano-technology and behaviourists. We believe animals are essential to our well being and provide keys to longer, healthier human lifespans. 

"SoluPet Supplement's Latest Research Reveals a Canine Cognition Crisis Is Coming"


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